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The Choc-Male™ Story

ChocmalesAboutUsMy love affair with chocolate began in 1987.  While on a business trip in the south of France, I became acquainted with the French approach to making fine chocolates.  After work my time was spent watching and learning from the best chocolatiers in candy stores that rival the showrooms of Cartier.  That experience began my love for crafting fine truffles and chocolates.

In 1999 my husband‘s job brought us to Houston, Texas.    We quickly realized that Houston was where we were meant to be and we wanted a gift to take home to family and friends in Naperville, Illinois that reflected our new home – but a gift our northern friends would understand and appreciate.  For years I had made truffles using traditional techniques and in the traditional shape.  The challenge was to use this European approach in a creative way.  That gave rise to the Choc-Male™ - Choc-Males™ combine the European technique for truffle making in a shape and wrap that is customary for the tamale. 

Choc-Males™ are made using the European approach to making fine chocolates.  Each filling is hand blended using only the freshest ingredients in small batches – never more than five pounds at a time.  Our ingredients include sweet cream, unsalted butter, pure Mexican vanilla, cocoa butter (never vegetable oil), and the finest of Belgium bitter and semi-sweet chocolates.  The enrobing chocolate for Choc-Males™ is custom blended to compliment each filling. 

We package Choc-Males™ to reflect their quality and heritage.  Each Choc-Male™ is individually wrapped to ensure freshness and flavor integrity.  We offer Choc-Males™ gift boxed, in a traditional tortilla basket or in lovely Talavera canisters.

If you enjoy fine chocolate truffles we’re certain you will enjoy Choc-Males™.


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